12 Easy Ways to Transform a Room

12 Easy Ways to Transform a Room

A comfortable room is all we want especially after a long day.  Here are several easy room transformation tips.

12 Easy Ways to Transform a Room

  1. Organize the disorganized

Start by cleaning your room, there is nothing compared to a clean room.  Keep those clutters away by using organizers.  Get some colourful baskets for soiled clothes, little boxes for those little things, hangers for other stuff.  It’s all about getting all your things organized.

  1. Get your bedding into shape

This is super easy, with a comforter or a duvet around.  This will create a brand new look where you can explore colours and various designs.  For example you can choose girly to something graphic, or if you used to have the classic, go for modern.  This can be done in no time.

12 Easy Ways to Transform a Room

  1. Move some things to the sides

A slight change in arrangement can get you an outright transformation.  Putting the bed at the center or sides can be an idea or if that’s too heavy for you, go for the lighter furniture.

  1. Get a headboard

A new headboard can be a nice addition to your bed and it can bring a different look.  Selecting something that suits your personality will be great.  There are many wall-mounted headboards you can find.

  1. Ribbons here and there

Get those ribbons to your bed skirts, to your pillowcases and even to your shams. It can give a different vibe in the room; you just need to get that creativity up and about.

12 Easy Ways to Transform a Room

  1. Wow windows

Get some colours to your windows with some valance. What you can do is to get some curtains and make sure that it complements with your valance.

  1. Add a rug

If you have a portion of the room that’s nothing on, you can place a rug there.  A contrast to what’s current in your room would be good.

12 Easy Ways to Transform a Room

  1. Posh that dresser

You can dress up your old dresser with beautiful wall paper or you can also try painting it with a colour of your choice.  That drab dresser will really be nice and perfect once again.

  1. Change handles

This is a simple DIY that you can do without fuss.  You can get new handles which have unique designs for your doors and drawer pulls.  This will definitely give your room a new look.

  1. Go for night stands

Have a nightstand around so you can vary the lighting in your room.  Lighting can affect your mood and if you want to relax, you sure don’t want those high beams shining on you.

12 Easy Ways to Transform a Room

  1. Bring in some green

Make your room alive by putting a not-so –big house plant.  It’s not just cool to look, it also freshens the air around your room.  So, get to your garden and get that plant, this should be a breeze.

  1. Pillow control

You don’t need excessive pillows; a couple would do just fine.  Pillows take up so much bed space and if you want to stretch your body, keep those extra pillows away.

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