4 Cool Goodies for Your Home Bar

4 Cool Goodies for Your Home Bar

A home bar would be a great spot in a home. But before we go any further you must have identified a good location where your home bar should be.  When you have made up your mind with that, it’s now time to consider the things you’ll need to set it up.  Usually you can find home bars in varied designs which are already complete with racks, shelves and so on.  Finding a home bar should be easy and I’m pretty sure there is one to match with your existing furniture.

Check out some home bar designs here.

Here are the home bar goodies you’ll need:


4 Cool Goodies for Your Home Bar

It’s no brainer, when you serve wine, a proper glass would definitely bring out the best of any wine.  You can find good stemware brands and perhaps you can buy a set or two  for this to fill in your home bar.  Depending on your budget, there are pieces which cost a bit high.  One of the best brands is Connoisseur.

Find best wines here, it provided a list on the best wines for 2015.


4 Cool Goodies for Your Home Bar

Cocktails are interesting to prepare because you can be as artistic as you want.  For cocktails you will need jigger, strainer, muddler, zester and cocktail shaker.  These are helpful when mixing your drink and with your presentation using some types of glasses like highball glasses, martini glasses, shot glasses, margarita glasses and whiskey glasses.  And of course don’t forget a cocktail recipe book that you can  refer to when the situation calls for.

You can find various cocktail recipes here.


4 Cool Goodies for Your Home Bar

Sometimes it is wonderful to stock some high end brews.  Do you know that there are different types of glasses for beer?  What we commonly see are beer mugs and pint but schooner glasses and pilsner would complete your beer glasses at home.

Learn about the top 10 beer brands here.


4 Cool Goodies for Your Home Bar

A home bar would not be complete with a variety of spirits like whiskey, vodka and tequila to name some.  You’ll need brandy glasses, snifters, whisky glasses and maybe some simple classic shot glasses.

Find some good spirits here.

With all that present in your home bar, you can relax at home and choose from any of your stocks or when an expected visitor comes, you’ll know you have something to offer right away.

Setting up a home bar can be a work in progress too.  You don’t have to make it full right away, so no worries really.

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