How to Avoid These Decorating Mistakes

How to Avoid These Decorating Mistakes

Decorating should be seen as an art and that being said, the way we assess decorating outcomes should also be subjective.  While decorating experts have established dos and don’ts, these are just guides and should not limit anyone in expressing his or her ideas through decorating a space.  While self expression is a “to each his own thing,” there are some rules of thumbs that are useful guides though.  Here are some of these below:

  1. Size does matter.

Furniture may be just too small for some spaces.  Definitely, when the area is spacious, you will need your furniture to be proportionate to the space.  For instance of if you are planning to buy a new home, you will have to consider your existing furniture if they are just fine or else you may consider buying new ones.  You will need to be aware about the size and scale of the new house.

How to Avoid These Decorating Mistakes

If you like bigger furniture, that’s great.  Bigger furniture can be your statement; it’s bold and creates drama to your space.  All you have to do is find a space where furniture can stand out and if your area is not that spacious, be sure that you do not crowd your space too much.

  1. Proper lighting

This couldn’t be stressed more enough; it’s very essential to every room in the house.  Natural light may change during the day and as a matter of fact, it also changes as season changes. Light is among the most crucial elements in making a home beautiful.  It is nice when you want your room lit brightly, you have that ample light.  Likewise when our mood dictates, there are times when we want light not to be glaring especially when it’s time for relaxation and so it’s also nice you can dim the lights when you wish to.

  1. Coordination

One of the many decorating myth is matching everything.  This is not true hence you do not need to match everything.  You must remember that variety creates texture to any room.  It’s actually good to “MIX and MATCH” and not just MATCH so that there will be depth and dimension.  What you can do is to get a couch with different colours and design. If in case your couches have solid colours, you can add throw pillows, rugs so that colours will pop and can make any room vibrant.

  1. Test

You love a certain colour, and you wish to repaint your living room right away.  You are so eager, you don’t even bother testing.  One common mistake and you should avoid this.  You see, you may want pink so much and but don’t expect you get the kind of pink in your room.  Shades can vary because natural light affects it.  What you can do is get trial paints of the same shades.

  1. Cheap is not inexpensive and vice versa

Sometimes, what stops many homeowners from decorating or sprucing up their spaces is the perception that it will cost them a lot which is not always true.  You can buy inexpensive decorations and can still have classy items (not cheap looking ones).

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