How to Maximize Your Small Space

How to Maximize Your Small Space

A lot of people are more interested in small living spaces for different reasons.  Some wants a simpler lifestyle, some wants to lessen expenses and others just want to get a good start.  For whatever reasons, condominiums and apartments are highly in demand.

How to Maximize Your Small Space

When your place is small you need to be clever in managing your space that is why layouts are extremely important.  While you want to save or just prefer a smaller space, you want it to be comfortable too.  Here are some ways to make your living space look larger than it is.

  1. Colour choice

Choosing your colour is important because it can change the elements of your space dramatically.  Colours bring out individuality of the homeowner.  What you can do is study some colour pallets for a start.  Definitely you will have your preferences.  When you are done let’s narrow it some more.  Remember that lighter colours make a space look wider.  This should guide you in choosing the most prominent colour in your home.

When choosing you also consider the mood you’d like to have, do you want serenity and calmness or do you want it to be lively and full of energy?  Here is what colours can do:

  • Set a mood in your home
  • Manipulates the magnitude of your space

So, again choose colours with lighter tones, this is true to all your surfaces in the house.  By doing this, more light is reflected in the entire space.  In case your apartment has dark coloured floors, you can work with carpets with brighter colours.

Cool light hues make a space look wider and dark and warm hues can make the space appear smaller.  In order to make your ceiling appear higher, choose a lighter contrast of your wall.

Don’t think that your space will look dull, you can utilize decorations to accentuate fullness of colour around, and then your space will look lively.

  1. Design solutions

How to Maximize Your Small Space

Choose designs well because these add value to your space.  Since your space is small, it’s good to stick to what is functional.  Moreover, storage walls are very effective in small spaces.  For example you can opt for a storage wall to keep your TV when you’re not using it.  Do not allow to let that black screen rule your living area.  In designing your dining area, you can go for stylish tables in varying sizes, colours and even shapes.  Extension tables are efficient when you have guests.  Also, make sure that almost everything is mounted to keep your floor space.

  1. Functional furniture

How to Maximize Your Small Space

Furniture should be practical but don’t be discouraged because practical can still mean stylish.  Get furniture that is versatile or multi-functional.  There are cubes which can be used as table when put together or as a stool for seating when used individually.

  1. Consistent flooring

One of the best ways to make your space appear larger is to make flooring consistent.  Personally, I prefer beige all throughout and if you can get tiles with great glazing that would really be perfect because light reflection is also better.  When the flooring is consistent, there is continuity in your sight, it flows and so it appears wider.

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