What’s the Right Choice of Windows for Your Home?

What’s the Right Choice of Windows for Your Home?

Here is a list of your window options.

Awning Windows

You can swing awning windows outwards from the bottom because it is hinged at the top.  Usually this type is used together with operable windows or fixed windows.  It is said to be suitable in places where the weather is wet.

What’s the Right Choice of Windows for Your Home?

Bifold windows 

Bifold windows have several framed sashes which are hinged together.  It is flexible in the sense that you have the option to open a part of the window for a minimal opening or a number of larger openings.  These windows serve its purpose really well in space challenged areas in your house.

Casement windows 

Casement windows are also dynamic because you can swing them in or out depending on what suits you.  The swing in and out feature is made possible because of its vertical hinges.  It provides decent ventilation and it’s not advisable for limited spaces.  In addition this type is somewhat hard to secure.

What’s the Right Choice of Windows for Your Home

Clerestory windows 

These are high windows which are usually installed above eye level.  The best features these windows provide are proper lighting and ventilation but preserving more privacy.  If you want to see more of what’s going on outside your home, you may have to go out because it doesn’t display too much view from the interior.

Double hung windows 

This type of windows is very popular and you can see it almost in all houses.  The window consists of two sashes which can slide in the frame vertically.  Because opening requires you to slide one of the sashes, it is great for small living spaces.  It allows more accessibility and ventilation.  Moreover, it is not complicated to enhance security features to the frame.

Horizontal sliding windows 

These windows are great at lighting and ventilation, consist of two window frames that can move from end to end through a track.

Should you be interested for new window installation or window replacements, check double glazing in reading.

Jalousie windows 

Other term used to refer to this window type is louvre window.  It consist of several glass slats that are clipped in a metal bar on each side.  It can be closed and opened altogether.  You can usually find this type in areas with warmer weather because to the excellent ventilation it provides.  This is not great in colder climates; it does not have the ability to keep the cold from coming in.

Picture windows

This is more known as fixed window, usually large and provides a good view of the exterior.  It’s great in providing  lighting and ventilation but most of all it’s mainly for aesthetic purposes specifically in allowing to see a stunning view from the inside.

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